What is the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners?

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

The modern era offers a wide array of amazing opportunities at your fingertips. One of the advantages of modern era technology is that you can easily edit videos. You can quickly edit, trim, customize and share your videos without spending a lot of money. This is where video editing tools jump in and help you.

You can generate a secondary income source by showcasing your enticing videos on your YouTube channel. This is why you need a video editing software for YouTubers that offers superior editing capabilities for your videos.

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Today, we will look at the best free video editing software with no watermark. These software applications do not add a watermark to your videos. This way, you can quickly edit your amazing videos without worrying about paying a hefty price to get rid of an annoying watermark.

These starter video editing software applications let you do as you please. These do not mess up the overall quality of your video by adding a huge and ugly watermark at the bottom. Let’s get started.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a wonderful beginner video editing software for Windows operating system. It is easy to use and a powerful video editor for all your needs. You do not have to wait for hours before the software finalizes your video. It comes with a quick processing system so you can quickly share your edited videos with your friends.

The hundreds of built-in effects and presets also help with the video editing process. This video editor supports all the major video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and MKV. You get all the basic video editing features with this tool. There are also built-in music files and effects to help with audio editing for any video. You can add transitions to your videos and use multiple overlays for exciting effects. There are also text templates and subtitle options for video editing.

Here are the topmost pros of using Wondershare Filmora video editor:

  • The video editing and processing are quite fast as compared to other options.
  • There is no ugly watermark on the edited videos.
  • You can maintain the same resolution and frame rate for edited videos as the original ones.
  • You can enjoy massive discounts as a student or teacher.

Here are the most common drawbacks associated with using this tool:

  • The user interface seems outdated.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC has been among the best starter video editing software applications in the market for some time now. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is the simplicity of the interface. Additionally, there are no annoying pop-ups or ugly watermarks on your edited videos.

This tool is widely used by marketing professionals for quick demos and how-to videos. It offers a quick video editing and processing system. The simplicity of the interface also allows the users to focus on video editing rather than exploring the different options.

Similarly, the quality of the edited videos is also unparalleled. It is capable of maintaining the original quality even with hundreds of different effects and overlays on top of videos. VSDC is compatible with all modern video formats.

Here are the topmost pros of using VSDC video editor:

  • It office quick video editing capabilities.
  • This tool does not leave any watermark on your edited videos.
  • It can support all the modern video formats.
  • This tool maintains original video quality even after hundreds of different overlays and filters.

Here are some of the account associated with using VSDC video editor:

  • This tool offers a basic user interface.
  • You will have to purchase the pro version for advanced features and tools.

OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot video editor is another amazing starter video editing software that does not leave an ugly watermark on your edited videos. In addition to this, this is an open-source video editing tool that is 100% free for everyone. There are hundreds of different filters, presets, and effects created by different developers. You can use all the features of this tool for free.

This tool is also compatible with Windows OS, macOS, and Linux. Therefore, it can cater to the video editing requirements of a wide array of audiences. This award-winning tool offers a feature-rich interface. So, the users can make use of transitions, effects, overlays, graphics, and text elements right from the beginning.

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for youtubers

You have to drag and drop a video file into this tool to get started. You can trim the video or resize your clips according to your requirements. You can also merge different video files together or split an existing video file. This tool also offers 3D animation tools and the Chroma key function to help enhance the quality of your video. It is ideal for creating exciting and interactive videos for social media and YouTube channels.

Here are some of the benefits of using OpenShot video editor:

  • It is 100% free and open source.
  • It offers all the modern features of professional and expensive video editing tools.
  • OpenShot also offers 3D video editing and animation.
  • The interface is simple yet loaded with amazing features.

Here are the topmost drawbacks of using this tool:

  • There is no multi-cam editing ability.
  • It does not offer a lot of output video formats.

Lightworks Video Editor

Lightworks video editor can easily be considered the best free video editing software no watermark. It offers professional-grade video editing capabilities. However, this tool doesn’t leave an ugly watermark on your videos.

This tool is also compatible with different operating systems. This is why it is considered an all-rounder video editing software to help you with professional-looking videos. An interesting thing about this tool is that it was used for popular Hollywood movies, such as The Wolf of Wall Street

and Pulp Fiction. So, you know that this video editing tool is capable of offering amazing capabilities at your fingertips.

An amazing thing about this tool is that there is no video length limit rule. You can upload a video for 30 minutes or 300 minutes, depending upon your preferences. It also comes with a powerful online community that helps with everything you may require. You can quickly get started with this tool and check out tips and tricks from online community projects.

The amazing thing about Lightworks is that there is minimal difference between the paid version and the free version. You can use almost all the features in the free version as well. However, the video output formats are limited in the free version.

Here are some of the topmost benefits of using this amazing video editing tool:

  • It offers professional-grade video editing capabilities.
  • There is minimal difference between the pro version and the free version.
  • It is compatible with all modern operating systems.
  • It has been used for editing professional Hollywood movies.
  • It comes with a powerful online community that helps beginners.

However, here are some of the drawbacks associated with Lightworks:

  • The paid version costs a lot for a few output formats.
  • This tool rarely gets any updates.

DaVinci Resolve Video Editor

DaVinci Resolve video editor can also be listed among one of the best free video editing software no watermark. This tool offers professional-level features that are suitable for colorists and professional content creators.

You can also enjoy a full 3D audio space while working on your video editing requirements. It offers amazing features, such as changing the lip color or smoothing skin tones. This is unparalleled, as other software only offers generic overlays and effects. You can adjust even the tiniest details of your video with this tool. Therefore, it is among the recommended tools for professional-level video editing requirements.

In addition to this, it offers a team workshop feature so that multiple people can work on the same

project. The different team members can also use chat features and timeline merging features. The advanced version also allows you to edit 4K videos without any issues.

Here are the topmost benefits of using the DaVinci Resolve video editor:

  • It offers team features so that can the entire team can work on a single project.
  • This tool allows you to control even the tiniest details of the video.
  • It is also compatible with 4K videos.

The cons associated with using this video editor:

  • The pro version costs more than $300.
  • The user interface may be a little complex at times.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor allows you to make amazing videos. Additionally, it also offers you the added benefit of uploading these videos without any ugly watermark.

It is used by professional live streamers and YouTube content creators. It can help capture webinar calls, online streams, record instructional videos, and capture full-screen or partial screen. Moreover, you can upload existing videos and edit them with ease.

You can enjoy a wide array of useful editing features that come for free. Of course, you can pay more to access some advanced features. However, even the free version allows you to edit your videos without any ugly watermark sign.

You can quickly enhance the quality of your video clips. This software enables you to adjust the contrast ratio, exposure, brightness, and other elements for enhancing the details of any video. You can also use the Chroma key effect. Moreover, you can slow down the video or speed it up.

Here are the pros of using Movavi video editor:

  • It works with several operating systems, such as Windows and macOS
  • It allows you to create and use personalized hotkeys and shortcuts.
  • It gives you the option of creating a recording scheduler.
  • You can also create screencasts.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • This video editing software comes with several intuitive features.
  • It can also work offline without an internet connection.

However, here are some cons to using this video editor:

  • There are limited editing options in the free version.
  • The advanced features are expensive.

Aiseesoft Video Editor

If you are looking for a video editing software for YouTubers that allows you to capture all your screen or gaming activities, this is it. Aiseesoft video editor also works seamlessly with the majority of modern era operating systems.

You can download this software, register with an email address, and get started with video editing. Other than edition, you can easily record your screen, your gaming processes, or take a snapshot. This is a popular video editor among the majority of YouTube content creators as it allows you to flawlessly edit videos or snapshots while you are in the middle of the recording process.

You can edit tons of different formats and video files. In addition to this, you can also convert your video and audio files into different formats. The users can rotate or flip the video and even crop it. This is something that most video editors do not offer at your fingertips. You can join multiple videos, apply effects, and share them with friends.

The algorithm allows for lossless editing of video and audio transmissions. This way, you do not have to worry about the integrity of the final video file that you will upload or share with your friends. One of the best things about using this video editor is that it does not place an ugly watermark on top of your video. Therefore, it allows you to share the content that you want without any problems.

Here are the pros of using this video editor:

  • You can easily edit videos during the recording of after the recording.
  • You can enjoy lossless and high-quality recording. It will offer HD quality at all times.
  • There are no ugly watermarks.
  • You can save your files in multiple Audio and Video formats, such as .FLV, .MP4, .MP3, etc.
  • You can also lock the main window for an uninterrupted recording session.

Here are the most common cons associated with this tool:

  • The personalization of shortcuts may be complex for some users.

Camtasia Video Editor

Created by TechSmith, the Camtasia Video Editing tool is yet another big name when it comes to video editing software for beginners. It allows you to join together different videos, apply pre-built intro, themes, and filters, and maintain high quality.

Camtasia also allows you to edit the videos with the help of a wide array of useful features, such as annotations, voiceovers, video effects, and overlays. You only have to upload the video, add a few effects or overlays, and share it with your friends with the help of a single click.

Another amazing thing about using the Camtasia editing tool is that it allows you to manage the overall video quality and audio bitrate without any problems. Therefore, you can enjoy a superior-quality video editing option with the help of the Camtasia video editing tool.

Camtasia is also powerful when it comes to adding multiple integrations and plugins. You can use a plugin to use PowerPoint presentations with this tool. Moreover, you can also connect it with online cloud systems. It will offer you maximum control over your video editing. So, you can control even the framerate, bitrate, and audio channel information by yourself.

Here are some of the pros of using Camtasia for your next video editing project:

  • It comes with built-in templates for creating interactive videos.
  • It offers you to save and use favorites and presets.
  • You can choose between a full-screen recording or a partial screen recording.
  • You can also capture the stream from your webcam.
  • You get multiple integration plugins for using this with other applications, such as PowerPoint.

Here are the most common cons associated with using Camtasia:

  • The premium features are quite expensive.
  • The file saving method is quite complex.
  • The application uses too much memory of your PC.

OBS Studio Video Editor

If you want an open-source video editing software for YouTubers, the OBS Studio video editormay be the answer. It is constantly updated by a huge community of technical experts and professionals. The OBS studio video editing tool allows you to easily capture HD streaming and online videos with the help of a single click. Moreover, you can choose from hundreds of custom presets and filters to enhance your video.

There are no restrictions on the video length, and you can edit a video to your heart’s extent. It doesn’t have any annoying ads. This tool is completely open-source, so you know what you are getting.

You also get to enjoy 3D video editing capabilities with this tool. Therefore, you can capture, edit, and share 3D videos with your fans. Additionally, the tool lets you control the speed of your video. The brand overlays liven up the video with a consistent filter throughout the duration. You can split a single video or merge different videos into one with ease.

This tool also supports HD resolutions. You can add multiple texts, transitions, and stickers to your videos as well. It helps with adding helpful subtitles to the video. If you want, you can also use the video stabilization feature.

If you want to record your screen in 60fps or even higher quality, the OSB Studio will be there for you. It relies on the use of multi-core CPUs to offer you the best video quality in the market. Moreover, you can edit and save your videos in a wide array of compatible and modern formats that can easily be uploaded on any social media platform.

Here are the topmost pros associated with using OBS studio:

  • You can easily capture and edit HD videos.
  • The software uses Multi-core CPU processing for high-performance video editing.
  • You can record the screen in 60 FPS or higher.
  • This is an open-source application.
  • You can edit videos without any watermark.

However, there are some cons that you need to know about before using this tool:

  • The setup takes a lot of time.
  • A lot of bugs were reported in the past.

FlashBack Express Video Editor

If your video editing requirements primarily include HD videos, FlashBack Express video editor is perfect for you. This beginner video editing software comes with a well-designed interface that is quite easy to use for beginners. The tool also offers a lot of useful video editing features at your disposal.

Moreover, it also allows you multiple choices for the output format for video and audio files. All these formats are compatible with the majority of modern era social media platforms. Additionally, you can easily record your screen or your webcam stream with the help of a single click.

You can easily edit HD videos and share those with your friends. If you are a beginner and you have never used a video editor in your life, this tool is perfect for you. It allows for an easy-to-use interface for beginners.

There is also no limit on the length of your videos. You can edit and save your videos in a wide variety of modern era formats. You can also convert existing recording files with a single click and share them with your friends. There are tons of graphics, presets, and features that can help take your video to the next level. Moreover, you do not have to suffer from any ugly watermarks on your videos.

Here are some pros for this tool:

  • The user interface is quite easy to use.
  • There is no watermark on your edited videos.
  • It offers a wide array of compatible video output formats for social media platforms.
  • You can capture webcam video with a single click.

Here are some of the cons you should know about this tool:

  • Some features are paid-only.
  • The advanced features are quite complex.

What is The Bottom Line Here?

Modern era technology offers a wide array of beginner video editing software applications at your disposal. Moreover, these applications also offer you the ability to edit and save your videos in a wide array of compatible formats. You can also share the recently edited videos with your friends with a single click.

The tools mentioned above do not put an ugly watermark on your videos and allow you to share the content that you want. The final choice will depend upon your personal preferences. These tools offer easy-to-use GUIs. Additionally, there are tons of presets and filters in these tools. So, you can try from the existing filters and edit a video instantly without any watermarks.

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