Top 10 Best Malware Removal 2021 for Mac


You’re perhaps aware of the view that you don’t need to get a malware removal for your Mac since these products are totally impassable. Right?

Well, this is not correct! Actually, it’s indeed a fairly short-sighted concept nowadays considering the high number of Mac owners globally. It means Mac owners are a huge potential target for cybercriminals and hackers. Today, viruses designed for Macs are becoming common. Here is where getting the best malware removal 2021 for Mac becomes inevitable.

You don’t want to buy the latest MacBook, only to have it attacked by hackers. Certainly, Mac products face fewer cybercriminal attacks than Windows products, but hackers still try to get access to them. That’s why you need protection from the best malware removal 2021. All the anti-viruses listed in this review have been selected because they’re intended to secure Mac products and score highly at recognizing and eradicating malware. Read on to find out much more about the best malware removal tool.

What is Malware

Merely put, malware is malicious software that poses a substantial threat to your computer’s operating system as well as the stored data. Malware is often masked as a harmless software, file or link. Upon downloading it, it causes havoc on your computer by corrupting files or slowing the performance. Moreover, it may hold hostage the most sensitive info on the system until a payout is made.

Types of Malware

There’re several types of malware, including trojans, viruses, ransomware and spyware. All these types of malware are created specifically to access and cause havoc to your computer without your knowledge.

Trojan – it comes attached as a software program masked as being beneficial and useful. Downloading this malware will not only corrupt your files but also affect the system’s performance.
Virus – it’s a file attached to downloadable files and is intended to intrude on your computer when you open the file. Opening a file that contains a virus may cause operational issues or even corrupt your files.
Ransomware – it’s a severe form of malware that encrypts your files and ultimately holds them hostage. Basically, you’ll not access your files until you pay the attacker.
Spyware – it’s a type of virus that actively spies on your files from inside the PC. Once installed on your system, this virus sends your personal info, such as your credit card numbers and passwords, back to the attacker.

Do You Really Need an Anti-Virus for Your Mac?

As said earlier, there’s a myth amongst Mac users that they don’t necessarily need to have a malware removal tool on their PCs. Where did this misconception come from? Well, before the advancement of the internet and technology, it was largely true. Back then, you could actually buy a Mac and not worry about being attacked by malware.

Since most users owned Microsoft products, cybercriminals and hackers directed their energy on creating viruses that would exploit susceptibilities in this OS. Nonetheless, that is not the case nowadays. Currently, it’s crucial to have the best malware removal for Mac and other iOS devices.

iOS devices are presently popular, making them a target for malware and other types of viruses. While Mac is totally security-conscious and its OS tends to be tougher to penetrate than the Windows ones, these devices are surely not immune.

Why is it Important to Stay Protected?

First, to avoid getting caught off-guard, it’s essential to invest in the best anti virus 2021 has to offer. Second, it would be advisable to invest in the best malware removal tool that incorporates internet security as it keeps your Mac device virus-free.

The best anti-virus is made to tick along in the background where it lets you perform both real-time and manual scans. At the same time, it ensures your system is free from all viruses, worms, trojan horses and other types of malware.

Preferably, it’s essential to select the best anti virus 2021 for Mac as it comes with a lot of security and privacy functionalities, such as social media protection, two-way firewalls and substantial parental controls for your kids.

What is Included in the Best Antivirus?

There’s a wide range of the best anti virus 2021 for Mac when it comes to the features included. Just like the Windows-based malware removals, they vary in quality and price.

To begin with, there’re free options on the market. Compared to the Windows-based free antiviruses, Mac has a limited option, but you’ll still find some options out there. Besides, there are the professional premium and paid virus removal tools, which you can buy via yearly subscription or download directly from the seller’s site to your device.

The best anti virus 2021 offers come with outstanding security for any Mac device, and you can easily manage it from a central dashboard. Again, keep in mind that not all security companies create antivirus for Mac.

Why You Should Not Put Your Mac at Risk

Although Mac PCs and operating systems are still fairly new to malware, viruses are multiplying quickly. It’s vital to make sure you are completely secured and, what’s more, if you regularly stream video, shop or bank online, particularly via public Wi-Fi. You are susceptible to identity theft and hacks in such cases, regardless of the device you use.

So, to get the most out of the best malware removal 2021 offers, it’s essential to run scans at least once or twice a week, particularly if you often browse the internet. Preferably, ensure the anti virus runs in the background at all times so that your system is totally secured.

The good thing about the best malware removal 2021 for Mac is that they can give you the best results without slowing down the machine. As a matter of fact, some virus removal tools give performance-enhancing tools to keep your system operating in the best condition.

Here are the best antiviruses for Mac devices:


malware removal website


  • It secures a maximum of three devices
  • Web and online banking protection
  • Multi-layer malware defenses
  • Time machine protection

Bitdefender antimalware for Mac is one of the best virus removal tools for iOS devices. The antivirus is designed on a genuine antivirus engine that’s continuously rated among the leading performers. Also, it prides itself to have quick scan times.

bit defender mac malware removal

Additionally, this antivirus comes with plenty of useful features. First, it comprises an anti-tracker web browsing extension as well as a multi-layer ransomware protection to protect your privacy on the internet. Secondly, it blocks a wide range of web trackers. What’s better than the included anti-phishing protection?

Bitdefender blocks adware too. Therefore, as you browse, you’ll hardly come across the nuisance pop-up ads. There is also a free VPN (a virtual private network) with limited data. Another thing is that your back-ups will be safe thanks to the time machine protection layer.

If you are worried about malware and other viruses floating around the web, Bitdefender antivirus for Mac devices is the best antimalware you can acquire in 2021.


  • It has great privacy protection touches
  • It comes with an incredible antivirus engine
  • It can scan for windows viruses


  • It lacks a firewall

Norton 360 Deluxe

malware removal website

If you need VPN and cloud backup protection, Norton 360 Deluxe is the best for that protection.


  • It protects up to 5 devices
  • It has an intelligent firewall
  • Cloud backup and VPN features

Norton 360 Deluxe has been in the world of antiviruses for many years. As a result, in addition to offering unmatched security to Mac devices, it also offers great protection to other devices, such as iPads and iPhones, with the ability to secure up to five devices simultaneously.

norton antivirus 2021

With this antivirus, expect powerful anti-ransomware and antivirus protection as well as an additional protection layer thanks to the integration of an intelligent firewall. Think about the cloud backup, an excellent addition for the price. What about the VPN inclusion? Well, this offers unparalleled security and support, considering the price you pay.

The only worthy notable drawback is that this antivirus will consume plenty of your processing power. Thus, it’s essential to ensure you have got a powerful Mac machine.


  • It supports multiple devices
  • It comes with a VPN
  • Great antivirus and ransomware protection


  • It slows down some Mac devices

Intego Mac X9

malware removal website


  • It covers up to 5 devices
  • It comes with an intelligent firewall
  • It offers online privacy protection
  • It has an anti-phishing protection

Intego X9 is a legend antivirus provider, and it has been protecting Macs for over twenty years now. With this, you can see that Intego proficiently knows the type of security Mac devices requires. The antivirus offers incredible shield against the latest threats. Also, it ranks high as per independent testing labs results.

intego mac malware removal

Besides this outstanding virus protection, the antivirus incorporates anti-phishing protection and an intelligent firewall to keep you secure on the web. Intego Mac X9 also boosts your privacy levels by protecting you against third-party applications trying to snoop into your data. Additionally, the antivirus comes with an easy-to-use, neat interface.

The only notable drawback is that the antivirus hits device performance quite harder than its rivals. Also, while it protects your device against Windows viruses, there’re a few tests that need to be ascertained in this field.


  • Accurate virus scanning
  • Easy to use
  • Intelligent firewall


  • It slows some machines

Kaspersky Antivirus for Mac

malware removal website


  • It protects up to 3 devices
  • It offers protection against webcam hijacking
  • It has a secure browser
  • It guarantees highly configurable malware scans

Kaspersky antivirus comes from a long-standing and popular brand with tremendous experience in antiviruses. As a result, you should be ready to enjoy some of the greatest virus protection, besides the customized antimalware for Mac devices.

Generally, in addition to the antivirus keeping your Mac free of attacks, it also makes your online banking safe thanks to the encrypted browser and URL safety that offer additional security. Furthermore, there is smart ransomware protection to give you peace of mind as you use your devices.

You’ll actually love the webcam hijacking protection feature, as it means you’ll no longer need to cover your device’s camera since no one will get access. Well, the interface has a lot of things, and it may be fairly confusing at first. Nonetheless, once you get used to it, it becomes pretty easy to maneuver. However, since Kaspersky is a big brand, you’ll have to pay more than most competitors charge.


  • Great virus recognition powers
  • Incredible features
  • Safe browsing for online banking


  • Quite pricey

Avast Premium Security

malware removal website


  • It offers protection for up to 10 devices
  • Online protection against ransomware
  • It has Wi-Fi intruder alerts

Avast premium security comes with amazing features to defend your Mac devices, and its protection capability has enthralled the top-rated independent testing labs. So, you can see it’s a great antivirus to install on your Mac.

Moreover, this antivirus is easy to use despite having a minimal user interface and comprises a wide range of useful features. At its best, the antimalware offers excellent protection alongside an intelligent system that works to keep your Mac gadgets safe.

avast mac malware removal

You’ll also get the firm’s ransomware shield that works to protect your devices against any type of virus. What this means is that you’re secured even against the unexplored threats. Since the antivirus detects phishing sites, your web browsing is safe. The Wi-Fi intruder alert feature is an incredible addition that alerts you whenever an intruder gets into your home network.

However, there is a drawback regarding this antivirus since it’s quite pricey. But with the ability to cover up to ten devices, it may be a good value for money. Having said that, Avast gives you a sixty-day trial to allow you to find out whether the antivirus is worth an investment.


  • It offers a 60-days free trial
  • Fantastic ransomware shield
  • Great antivirus protection


  • Not the best value for money

McAfee CyberSecurity

malware removal website


  • It protects one up to unlimited devices
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed protection and bonus features
  • High level of malware protection

McAfee has revamped its antivirus to offer peak performance, improve protection and reduce potential system slowdown. Light and streamlined on your Mac device, this antivirus recognizes and blocks all security threats, such as malware, viruses and ransomware, from causing havoc to your machine.

Today, this antivirus is quicker than ever before. In fact, it comes with reliable two-way firewalls. The standard option comes with an extensive range of optimization services and tools, like a vulnerability scanner to recognize security weaknesses and upgrade outdated programs. Additionally, it has a quick clean tool that quickly scans your files and deletes cookies to ensure you have adequate disk space.

McAfee malware removal

It also incorporates a key password manager to keep your logins safe. The antivirus is light on system resources, and while the interface needs partial improvements, the software is a perfect choice for ease of use, security and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, McAfee offers unmatched customer service.

As denoted earlier, the antivirus covers between one and an unlimited number of devices, and the license is customized to your security demands. All in all, all packages come with protection against spyware, malware, ransomware, privacy protection, secure payments and secure encrypted storage.


  • It will not affect your computer’s performance
  • Fast virus scans
  • Top-notch malware protection


  • Costly upgrades
  • Confusing user interface

Airo Antivirus

malware removal website


  • It covers up to 5 devices
  • Realtime malware recognition and prevention
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • Ease of use

Airo antivirus is software for Mac that lets you secure your devices in real-time. It also incorporates a phishing detection system to secure users against falling victims to any brand impersonation, as well as other attempts made to persuade them to give them their login credentials. All in all, it’s all-inclusive security software that doesn’t comprise your devices’ performance.

airo mac malware removal for 2021

Airo comes with a comprehensive and well-designed suite to protect Mac devices. Again, the antivirus is designed to protect your activities online and monitor for any potential backdoor threats to your system’s security.


  • It averts spying attempts
  • Scam and phishing protection
  • Strong preventative protection


  • No-firewall
  • Quite pricey
  • Long scan times

Trend Micro Antivirus

malware removal website


  • It covers one device
  • Social media protection
  • Parental controls
  • Email spam filtering

Well, the Trend antimalware is an incredible option to secure your Mac devices. The best thing is that the Independent labs ranks the Trend’s engine highly. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the virus protection and features the antivirus incorporates, this antivirus ranks up there amongst the top performers.

This antivirus’s amazing features comprise email spam filtering, ransomware protection, social media privacy checker, and parental controls. The social media privacy checker primarily monitors social network usage for a couple of increasingly transmitted threats through these channels.

trend micro malware removal

Nevertheless, in some situations, virus scans can take longer than rival products, and the antivirus only protects one device. Genuinely, you want a product that secures more than one device.

Moreover, other antiviruses in the market offer extra features. Well, Trend Micro does not come with a firewall only as it also offers protection against online banking. At the time of reviewing the best virus removal tools, you could get better deals for the same price of this antivirus by opting for the competitors. Therefore, it would be wise to consider such deals.


  • It offers amazing antivirus protection
  • It has parental controls
  • It keeps you safe on social media channels


  • It only protects a single device

ESET Cyber Security

malware removal website


  • It covers up to 4 devices
  • A lot of configuration options
  • Ransomware protection

Previously, ESET cybersecurity performed well in the tests conducted by independent antivirus testing labs. However, this is no longer the case nowadays since these bodies stopped testing this particular antimalware. All in all, if we consider the historical tests and scores, you’ll get sufficient security for your Mac upon purchasing this antivirus.

eset antivirus malware 2021

Since it’s one of the install-and-forget antiviruses, the software is ideal for beginners. Besides, if the experts want to get more out of the antivirus, they can easily set up things because the antivirus comes with many settings and options.

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In addition to coming with ransomware protection, it also has the ability to secure your Mac device against Windows and Linux malware.

However, the antivirus isn’t the fastest when it comes to virus scan times. All in all, it digs dip into your Mac to guarantee the system is totally free from any virus. Furthermore, ESET is fairly competitively priced.


  • Ideal for experts and beginners
  • Defense against ransomware


  • Slow virus scans
  • No web filtering


malware removal website


  • It covers up to 3 devices
  • Web and online banking protection
  • Multi-layer protection against ransomware
  • Time machine protection

ClamXAV does not embrace the best names, but it is one of the best antiviruses that IT professionals prefer to use. Well, it doesn’t mean the software is quite intricate because IT experts prefer to use it on Mac devices. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few antiviruses on this list that comes with an easy-to-use and simple user interface.

clam av virus removal

The antivirus is perfect at recognizing and removing viruses in email attachments. The antivirus may not incorporate some of the best internet safety tools, but it does the best in securing your Mac devices.


  • Simple to use
  • Mac-specific features


  • No website filtering

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