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No one and we mean no one enjoys calling into a customer support center of a large company in a time where help is needed. From robots that appear to be developed solely to piss us off to the script readers that remove the humanity out of an actual human.

outsourced customer support

Tech Wagyu searched and there are very few companies on the internet today that provide outsourced customer support to smaller companies and those seeking an “authentic” human experience.

Outsourcing Customer Support Influx vs Support Llama

Queue Support Llama a boutique outsourced customer support company or as they call it “Customer Support as a service”. Support Llama provides services such as phone, ticket, live chat and even tier 2 technical support.

There is one other competitor in the space. Influx a company which has been around since 2014 has served the small but mostly mid-size market with outsourced customer support services. The main difference between Influx and Support Llama is mainly pricing.

We spoke to several customers who have tried both Influx and Support llama the conclusion was that while Influx has the ability to scale with you a bit faster due to infrastructure and market penetration, Support Llama consistently scored higher in the “authentic” interactions and attentiveness to customers needs.

Outsourced Live Chat Tawk vs Support Llama

Another competitor of Support Llama is Tawk. They are a big player in strictly the live chat support space. Tawk focuses heavily on just the live chat aspect of support. They provide support agents for 1$ per hour and do not require a contract. While this is quite attractive and affordable Support Llama provides support that is more high end and a bit better at capturing a brands voice.

Next Generation: Outsourcing Customer Support

Support Llama has built a company for a space not previously explored. Their are massive call centers in India and Influx covers the medium sized business space. Support Llama is built for startups mad by a startup.

outsourced customer support

With custom tailored white labeled customer support Support Llama is a real winner in our eyes.

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Written by Daniel Travors

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