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The majority of Mac users are on the lookout for the best multi-use snipping tools for Mac. Windows users have long been used Windows Snipping Tool and its alternatives to capture things they do on their computer screen. Mac users are still in need of a great snipping tool to capture their favorite websites, video clips, or images.

Luckily, there are several snipping tools developed specifically for Mac. Most of them have helpful features like taking screenshots of different sections, screen recording, markup tools, integrations with work productivity and messaging apps, and cloud storage. Read on to explore how to instantly snip on Mac and choose the best snipping tool for Mac that will meet all your needs.

How to Snip on Mac

While Mac doesn’t feature a native snipping tool like Windows Snipping Tool, you can snip using specific keyboard shortcuts like Shift + Command + 3. If you need to capture a certain part of the screen, the Shift + Command + 4 combo will do the trick.  Just press and drag the crosshairs over that certain part.

The Shift + Command + 4 + Space bar combo allows you to capture a menu or window. If you have Mac OS Mojave or later, you can access a Screenshot app by pressing Shift + Command + 5. The app shows your screenshots and can alter their destination folder.

When compared with Windows Snipping Tool, this Mac snipping tool app is a basic snipping tool alternative as it doesn’t feature annotation tools. If you’re looking for a more advanced app, you can download any of the snipping tools for Mac mentioned below.

Capture Your Screen Effortlessly with CleanShot

CleanShot is a professional tool that offers more than just a basic screenshot option. It lets you preview your screenshots before saving, hide the desktop icons before capturing, change the wallpaper, copy a video or image into your clipboard, etc.

For instance, you can pick Capture Area within the app, take a screenshot, and then edit the resulting image by clicking the pen icon. You can set custom hotkeys in the Preferences menu of the app in order to take screenshots without all the desktop icons.

Enjoy the Intuitive User Interface with Snagit

Snagit is one of the most popular apps among corporate customers. Snagit is known for its astonishing features and intuitive user interface. The screen recording and editing capabilities make it an excellent snipping tool for Mac.  

The app was initially created for businesses to make visual instructions. Snagit allows you to capture panoramic shots along with scrolling webpages and use audio and screenshots to create videos. Moreover, the app lets you paste the text extracted from a screenshot in a document.

With Snagit, you can take screenshots, customize hotkeys, and alter settings. You can also use the app to create videos and animated gifs. The editor includes useful tools, such as callouts, blur, arrows, etc. If you’re looking for a simple yet helpful snipping tool for Mac, Snagit is the best bet.

Share Your Screenshots with Dropshare

Dropshare is a renowned snipping tool alternative for Mac, which lets you capture a certain area or full screen, and capture and edit at the same time. The URLs are automatically saved so you can share them with others. Whenever you take a screenshot, the app instantly uploads it to the cloud, providing a short link that you can share with others. 

You can either use 10 GB of Dropshare’s storage or another cloud provider like Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace, etc. The app is extremely useful for entrepreneurs, students, and anyone working in the team.

Grow Your Business with Droplr

If you’re in search for a high-resolution Mac snipping tool, Droplr is a win-win choice. The app features a screen recording option, enterprise-level security with encryption and SSO, and cloud storage. Despite being so versatile, Droplr is cost-friendly and easy to use. Apart from taking screenshots, the app allows you to record the screen and create GIFs.

The app saves recordings and screenshots to the cloud, creating a short link that you can share with others. Thanks to a range of integrations, Droplr lets you drop your screenshots or recordings directly into different messaging apps. In case you’re looking for more mark-up options, there’s an option to integrate Droplr with Photoshop. 

Take Screenshots of Any Type with Capto

Want to capture a webpage, full screen, menu, single app window, or circle, rectangle or freeform area? Capto is a great tool to consider. Modify the results with the app’s robust editor. You can also capture different kinds of screenshots by clicking Freehand and drawing out the shape.

Taking screenshots of long webpages isn’t a problem with Capto. You don’t need to stitch screenshots together by hand in order to re-create a long webpage. The functionality of this snipping tool brings you the most fantastic results of the best quality in a jiff.

Take Customizable Screenshots Instantly with LightShot

A Mac Snipping Tool alternative, LightShot lets you take customizable screenshots fast and easily. It has an intuitive and simple user interface that lets you choose any section on the desktop and capture a screenshot with only a couple of button clicks. Upload the screenshots to LightShot’s servers and save them to your computer, if you need to share the resulting images with others. 

Moreover, you can add an annotation or highlight any section of a screenshot without leaving the app. Unlike other snipping tools for Mac mentioned above, LightShot doesn’t have any professional features yet it has a relatively powerful screenshot editor.

The Final Word

Whether you’ve just switched your PC for Mac or you’ve been using it for a long while, the aforementioned snipping tools are definitely worth your attention. With a snipping tool, you can send screenshots, keep a record of critical documents, share your screen with others, or make visual tutorials. You don’t have to memorise shortcuts, anymore. 

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