Netflix Download Limit Explained

Back in 2016, the Netflix download feature for offline viewing was introduced for Netflix, allowing people to download a series or film they wanted to watch and then watch it offline later; perfect for air travel where Wi-Fi is not always available. So is there a Netflix download limit?

Across India, commuters are using the feature on a daily basis, their travel to work being less boring even without Internet access. It’s also an excellent feature for those who have limited data on their phone, or when you are visiting places that charge ridiculous hourly rates for Wi-Fi such as luxury hotels. There are however a few limitations of the feature that might not be currently aware of.

netflix download limit error code

If you are an avid user that downloads a lot of series and movies, you may have encountered an error message or download limits. So, what exactly is this limit on downloading and how can you download everything you want without having to worry about it? Interested in getting around the download limit? Then carry on reading.

The Netflix Download Limit Explained

Netflix allows its platform users to download documentaries and movies to watch offline at a later date; there is however a limit in place that stops people from constantly downloading shows and movies. If you refer to the support page on Netflix the limit will be shown as 100 titles at any one given time on any one given device. If you exceed this limit, an error message will show on your device. Also, the limitations will differ depending on the subscription plan you have; you may only be able to download a title to one, two, or 4 devices at the same time.

Error Examples for Netflix

When you download a title, it will come with a set expiration time. This time is not uniform and will vary depending on the title and also on the agreement on licensing Netflix has with the creator of the individual title. A user is notified about the expiration date of each title 7 days before the date. Notifications are also received when content you have downloaded is removed from the platform; in this case, your download will expire immediately. But, what’s with this download limit that Netflix has set? As you are already paying a monthly fee to subscribe to Netflix, surely you should be able to download as much content as you want. After all, you’ve already paid for it. So, let’s take a look at what Netflix has to say on the subject.

Why Does the Download Limit Exist?

Over the past few years, Netflix has invested large sums of money to create a strong library of documentaries and movies and other individual content. The platform does however still contain content that is licensed from other creators. The limit for downloading that is currently present on Netflix is controlled by these license holders and it will vary depending on the title. Netflix does not reveal anywhere the limit that is set for any one title, and you will only be notified when there is only 1 download left.

Download Settings

The expiration date for titles that are not owned by Netflix is also controlled by the creators, and this too can vary depending on the title and its creator. You may find a title your download expires in as little as 2 days, or it may be good for many months on end. It is inconvenient that you can’t find out the exact expiration date for any one title, especially as you may not be able to watch the title in time. This will still count to the total number of downloads, even though you haven’t had time to watch and enjoy your downloaded content.

netflix download error codes

In the case that you download a title and don’t have time to watch it, you may have to wait before you can download it again. This depends on the creator of the content and the agreement they have with Netflix. In the case of original Netflix content, there shouldn’t be any applicable limits; the platform however does not clarify if this is the case or not.

Common Errors

As Netflix isn’t really willing to be upfront about the limits on downloads, you won’t know that you have exceeded your limit until you receive an error message when you try to download content. There are a few different messages that you might receive when trying to download content and it’s important to be able to decipher between them and also get around them. Here are the most common you will encounter:

Error Code 10016-22005

You will receive this message when you have already downloaded too many video or hit the Netflix download limit. This will show as a screenshot message. According to the platform, you can store on one device up to one hundred titles at any one time. Although it’s fairly unlikely that you will reach this limit, if you do so, a message will display on your screen. If you wish to continue downloading titles you will need to delete some from your device.

Error Code 10016-23000

This code will appear on your screen as a message if you have downloaded on too many devices. The amount of devices that you can download on at any one time depends on your subscriptions and can be 1, 2 or 4. There are two ways to get round this problem. The first is to delete downloads from one device; the other is to upgrade your subscription plan so that it will support more devices.

Error Code 10016-22007

You will receive this error message if you have tried to exceed your yearly download limit. This message can appear when you are trying to download the same title a consecutive time. The number of times you can download one title depends, as we said earlier, on the agreement that Netflix has with the content creator. If you try to download the same title more than a few times, you will often find that you will receive a message stating that you have reached your yearly download limit for the title in question. There is no way you can fix this problem, and you will simply have to sit it out and wait until Netflix allows you to download the title again.

Resolving Netflix Download Errors

Now that you are aware of the different error messages you may receive when trying to download titles on Netflix, we are going to take a look at ways to resolve them.

“Too Many Downloaded Videos”

If you receive this message when trying to download a video, the way round it is to delete an older download. Once you do this, you will be able to proceed with your current download. To delete old download, navigate to the downloads selection and simply select the title you wish to delete.

From the platform you will have the choice of deleting one, or all of your previous downloads at once. If you choose to delete all your previous downloads you will free up a significant amount of space and you will also benefit from being able to download more than one new title. The delete download features is found in the same place on IOS, Windows, and Android devices, and for any problems you may encounter you can visit the Netflix support page where you will find easy to follow instructions.

“You Have Downloads on Too Many Devices”

The way to get around this error message is to delete all the downloads you have on one of your devices. The method is the same as the one described above. In the case that you don’t have access to the old device, follow these steps:


To delete content you have downloaded to devices you no longer have access to, you must first open Netflix in your browser. In your browser, hover the mouse over the profile icon that is situated in the top right hand corner. Here, click on the “account” option.


Once you have successfully entered your account option on your browser, you must now click on “manage download devices” This option will redirect you to a page where you will find a list of all your devices and the content you have downloaded onto them.


Next, choose the old device that you no longer have access to in the list, and click on “remove device”. By simply clicking on this button your old device should now be removed from your subscription and all the content that you downloaded to it.

Netflix Smart Downloads

The Netflix smart downloads feature is excellent if you don’t want to have to go through the hassle of maintaining all your downloaded content on all your devices. This allows you to bypass the Netflix download limit. This feature is relatively new and was released this year for Android. It works by automatically downloading the next episode of a series you are watching whilst deleting the ones you have already watched. This very handy feature only works if you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Smart Downloads for Netflix

At present, the feature only works for series and TV shows and is only available on Android. It is easy to enable on your device; simply head to the downloads tab and press the smart download option that you will find in the top left-hand corner. This feature will only work when there are new episodes of a series you are watching available to download, and once there are no new ones available, the last episode you watched won’t be deleted.

Watching Netflix Offline without the Hassle of Limits on Downloads

With all the information in this article, you should be able to watch and download all your favorite films and series without any download issues. But, always make sure that you are careful with the number of times you download one particular title, as you may have to wait up to a whole year to be able to download it again. If this happens, you will of course still have the option to stream the content you want online.

Have you encountered download limits when watching Netflix offline? Is, we would love to hear from you and your opinion on the current limitations on downloadable content on Netflix.

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