How To Remove Syswow64.DLLHost.exe

remove SysWOW64 malware

We always become nervous whenever we see a computer file pop up that we don’t immediately recognize right away. We become even more nervous when, after running a virus scan, we see that this file is, in fact, a malicious one. Such is the case with Syswow64.DLLHost.exe, which is a file created by hackers to attack various types of Windows computer systems. Additionally, this file is also considered to be part of the Trojan family, which means that it is entirely possible for it to escape being quarantined and removed by even the most powerful antivirus software programs. 

This begs the following question to be asked: “if even the most powerful antivirus software programs can’t remove something like Syswow64.DLLHost.exe, then how exactly can something so malicious be removed?” Thankfully, there is an answer. 

Antivirus like Malwarebytes can prevent syswow64 infections

Firstly, it should be explained how something like Syswow64.DLLHost.exe can actually show up on your computer to begin with. Generally, it can show up via the following means: 

*Unsafe websites 

*Unwanted emails 

*Spam email attachments 

*Unsafe freeware downloads 

*Suspicious links 

This means that, obviously, you should be as cautious as possible whenever you browse the internet, which is something that you should already be doing anyway. Once Syswow64.DLLHost.exe installs itself, it has the potential to do a great deal of harm to your computer, as it can attach itself to one or more of your internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), hack your personal information (name, address, credit card information, bank account information, etc.) without your knowledge or permission, and even ruin the overall security of your system. All of these activities can open the door for even more malicious viruses to make their way in and cause further damage to your system. 

So how do you go about removing something like Syswow64.DLLHost.exe if it is found on your system? Follow these simple steps, ensuring that you take the time to completely back up your computer before making any kind of major changes should something end up going wrong during the virus removal process. 

*Begin by opening up your computer’s Task Manager by pressing the Control and Shift buttons at the same time and look for anything containing Syswow64.DLLHost.exe. When and/or if you find it/them, end the process(es) immediately. 

*Click on your computer’s Start button, followed by Control Panel, then Appearance and Personalization, and finally Folder Options. Next, click on the tab marked View. Under the Advanced Settings option, click on Show Hidden Files and Folders. Next, uncheck the box next to Hide Protected Operating Systems Files (Recommended) before clicking the OK button. 

*Open your computer’s Registry entries. Find any malicious files mentioning Syswow64.DLLHost.exe and delete them all. Press the Windows key and the R button at the same time to open up your computer’s Run box. Type “regedit” in the Open field and click on OK. This will open up your computer’s Registry Editor window and will enable you to conduct a search for any registry entries and files, including any that specifically mention Syswow64.DLLHost.exe. Search for the malicious file and remove any and all mentions of them. 

To put it very simply, and as previously mentioned above, Syswow64.DLLHost.exe is an extremely dangerous and annoying file that can and will cause a great deal of damage to your computer, especially if it is not dealt with in a swift and effective manner. In addition to being able to hack your information and cause damage to your computer, Syswow64.DLLHost.exe can also interfere with your ability to browse the internet as well. For instance, you can run the risk of being met with endless pop-up advertisements and videos, your computer itself can end up freezing, and the overall performance level of your computer can also drain as well. With hackers easily be able to gain access to various kinds of personal information nowadays, it’s extremely important to always be on the lookout for malicious viruses such as Syswow64.DLLHost.exe. The best way to keep an eye out for something like this is to always run constant scans with a reputable antivirus software program. If detected, the malicious virus should be removed as soon as possible. 

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Written by Daniel Travors

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