Glasswire (Network Monitor) Review

glasswire review

With so many different kinds of software applications and malware removal tools on the market in 2016, it’s not uncommon for users all over the globe to have a difficult time choosing the best products for their specific situations and needs. However, when these applications are reviewed by other users, it makes it much easier for consumers to make an informed decision. Some of the applications that people need involve a wide range of different things and this includes security. The all new GlassWire Pro is one of the hottest options for network security in 2016.


From finding a software application that reduce the time and effort in accomplishing a specific task to purchasing an application that will monitor a diversity of activities, there are so many different software products on the market that people can take advantage of. Regardless to the actual need and purpose, users will always need an application that will help to secure the information, apps and sites that they maintain. Therefore, for those who have an interest in the software called GlassWire FireWall & Network Monitor, here’s some background information about its overall features, consumer comments and the pros and cons that people can consider prior to making their selection.

GlassWire Features

After the users know exactly what is included in this application, they can review both the pros and cons provided by consumers. With this said, here’s a brief listing provided below.

Pros of GlassWire

– Manufacturers have designed a polished and friendly user interface.

– Alerts demand the user’s attention without being intrusive or obstructive

– Ease of use is very high and new users can learn how to navigate through the application quickly.

– Outbound connections can be blocked easily by choosing the flame logo on the software applications’ Firewall tab.

– IP addresses are easy to resolve via an automated feature.

– Easy to understand comprehensive on-line guide.

– Advanced security features included (i.e. device, various monitors and system files).

– Remote Service Access Configuration Capability.

– Present version of Freeware included.

Cons of GlassWire

– Application can be relatively tough on computer and network resources. However, this is not a significant – Issue because of the limited intervals of higher elevated CPU usage.

– User does not have the capability to create permanent firewall rules. Therefore, they will need to be recreated from time to time, based on the situation.

– Individual remote IP address alerts are not provided and the individual cannot block an individual IP address.

– Present version does not provide WHOIS or IP address verification queries.

– Activity Logs cannot be saved.

– Presently, users do not have the capability to remove apps from the firewall list or the capability to search or reorganize the firewall list.

Visual Network Monitoring

When a user is monitoring the systems that they use, it is important that they have a visual aid to see what kind of traffic that they are getting and when. With the use of GlassWire Pro, site owners can track past and present activity via user-friendly graphs. Also, in some situations, alerts will be initiated so that any active firewall activity can be identified before any damage is actually done.

Internet Security with GlassWire


Internet security is a big issue for those who want to make sure that their sites are secure from all kinds of different threats. Because GlassWire provides discreet alerts that warns the user when their computer or network is communicating with a known IP threat, people can take advantage of this added level of security to prevent unnecessary problems with GlassWire Pro.

While the manufactures of this software application does not guarantee that these protection features can catch all threats, the extra protection is designed to give the user the added peace of mind.

Network Time Machine


Network time machine is a feature that users can benefit greatly from. It’s a tool that people can check bandwidth usage with, from one day or month to another. Each individual can check network activity via a slider that allows the individual to check for past and present security alerts. The graph presentation of this information is easy and simple to read.

Discreet Alerts

When problems are discovered, users are warned with an alert. To keep these alerts from being bothersome or simply annoying, they have been designed with special consideration in mind. Therefore, the user does not have to be concerned about constant pop ups that can become annoying and frustrating.

Also, the alert process can be controlled easily simply by choosing the snooze feature. The snooze feature allows the user to put their alerts on hold for a period of at least 24 hours.

Bandwidth Usage Monitor


Another great feature that users can look forward to involves the bandwidth usage monitor. This monitor keeps tabs on how much bandwidth has been used during certain intervals of time. For instance, the user can track the amount used for a week, a month and even a day. Once the numbers have been provided, the site owner can use it to determine if they need to upgrade the bandwidth’s package that they have purchased or to reduce the amount if it has been over estimated.

Remote Server Monitoring

It’s not uncommon for an individual to be responsible for multiple servers at a time. Some of which may require servicing them remotely to save time and money. Fortunately, GlassWire is designed with these same concepts in mind, especially since it considers businesses, VOIP and Web applications and gaming. In fact, GlassWire will work the same way on a remote server since it immolates that of a local computer. For instance, people who use this kind of software will receive the standard security alerts, any new app network activities and other associated things that the person needs.

Internet Privacy Protection


Internet privacy protection is essential to those who want to make sure their personal information, files and other activities are kept confidential. With GlassWire, each user will have the capability to view all of their network activities on a user friendly graph so that they can see who is seeing what. For example, users will be able to see which apps are sending out data and the host countries that they are currently communicating with. In the process, these graphs will also display all of the servers that a specific website is connecting with. Once the person has an opportunity to see this information, they will be surprised to see how many different websites are actually involved in each transaction. This part of the application will also provide the user will the capability to block certain applications via their firewall.

Ask to connect


Designers have included an ‘ask to connect’ feature that allows the users to approve or deny network connections based on their discretion.

Lock down mode

It’s not uncommon for an individual to leave their computers for a little while or for extended periods of time during the day. Since certain network activities and functions can cause disruptions to whole operations, leaving the computer unattended can cause a diversity of unwanted problems. Fortunately, with the use of a lock down mode, this is a problem that’s easily solved.

GlassWire Mini graph

Sometimes people have a long list of things that they are responsible for online. Therefore, they may have multiple screens and computers up simultaneously that they are monitoring. Each screen that they use can take up quite a bit of space so GlassWire designers have also taken these situations into account when developing their software. One of the most notable is providing a mini graph for the desktop that users can keep up without having to deploy a full GlassWire application.

Webcam/Mic detection

There are numerous reasons why a webcam/mic detection has been provided in these applications. One of the most notable involves the use of an alert to confirm when an intruder has activated the webcam remotely to spy on an authorized user of the network.

GlassWire Consumer Comments and Feedback

Overall, GlassWire’s Network Security Monitor has received great consumer reviews and comments. Because it is simple to use and has intuitive navigation features, anyone can use it for their purposes. Therefore, it comes highly recommended by many consumers who have tried this system for both a network monitoring and firewall basic system. Some users will describe this system as a GUI extension of Windows Firewall. This is because it has a basic firewall mechanism that allows the user to block or allow an app or IP connection.

For those of you who are looking for a security software solution that will provide the assistance needed without a weighed down version of security monitoring capabilities, this system is just what these users will need. With a user friendly interface, everything that a user wants to monitor is at the tip of their fingers. One of the most notable is the feature that allows the user to monitor applications closely for remote address connections. Because the features and instruction provided are clean and concise, any user can figure out what they need to do as soon as they have decided to use the application.

Further, most people are actually shocked when they discover how many applications on their computer sends out their private data without them knowing it. However, by using GlassWire’s free firewall and network monitor system, they can take an active role in protect their own privacy & security. In fact, they can use this type of system to monitor their networks for any suspicious activity before it escalates into a problem that gets out of control. Since the system has been designed to detect potential threats, designers have also added a feature that allows the user to block the threat by providing a built in management tool for the firewall.

Another great benefit to using this kind of software system is having the capability of monitoring bandwidth. Based on feedback from consumers, this feature is ideal for saving money. This is because the activity that the system shows allows them to monitor the bandwidth usage before it becomes a problem. Therefore, the users are not charged with overages that they will have difficulty paying because it adds up quickly. Instead this system provides users with an alert notification. This alert notification will appear when the site is getting close to their monthly bandwidth limit. So, the site owner will know exactly when they may need to make the necessary modifications to reduce its usage or to upgrade to another bandwidth package that will lessen the amount owed prior to the end of the month.

GlassWire Overview

Users all of the globe can benefit greatly from GlassWire since it has so many different features that users can take advantage of. Some of the most notable include monitoring computers and networks for potential security threats prior to them occurring and taking an active role in monitoring a site for a wide variety of essential issues. Because it provides a user friendly interface, anyone can use it to monitor specific activities. Also, with advanced remote features, computers and network configurations can be made both onsite and offsite. Therefore, its highly recommended for usage by anyone who has these responsibilities in their home and in a business environment.

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