Best Valheim Server Hosting [Updated: 2021]

Best Valheim Server Hosting [Updated 2021]

You get less satisfaction when you play games alone, unlike having your friends play with you. Remember how it gladdens Ragnar Lothbrok having it in mind that Odin prepares a fist for him? We will dive into the best Valheim server hosting in this article. You get the same joy when you are about to defeat your enemies with your friend’s assistant. But when you play alone, the endless killings between you and a player who is not predictable make it dull and challenging.

However, selecting a good hosting is the best way to enjoy the thrill when you decide to have a multi-player. Valheim’s famous outbreak sometimes makes it difficult to find a good server to host the game for a multi-player. In the real sense, a game with over 2 million downloads in its first two weeks of release is too crowded. But this also implies that the game caught people’s attention and is an exciting game. Many gamers decided it was a poorly developed game with the unending crash during a multi-player on a wrong hosting server.

Both critics and players have been astounded, sending it straight to the top of the gaming chain after finding the best Valheim server hosting. This article will discuss the best Valheim server host to select when having a multi-player. Using the best server to host Valheim gives gamers a smooth and excellent experience.

What is Valheim? Who has the Best Valheim Server Hosting?

Valheim is a Viking sandbox and survival video game developed by Iron Gate Studio. Coffee Stain Studios published the game, and it was launched on February 2, 2021, for Windows and Linux via Steam early access.

Valheim is a thrilling single or multi-player game that can either be co-op or PVP, depending on the player’s preference. The rule of thumb is that you are a murdered Viking. You are sent to the nominal tenth Nordic World Walheim Kingdom to prove yourself to Odin by killing his former opponents in boss battles. Of course, it is more story-telling than a general survival game. Still, apart from a brief introduction at the beginning and knowledge shelves worldwide, it does not hinder the gameplay too much.

At this point, your goals and activities are the criteria for that type; you collect materials, build shelters, and fight threats. You can also play games with up to nine friends, making these games more enjoyable. Valheim, on the other hand, is ranked higher than most other survival games due to its optimal technique and the more distinctive components it adds.

Due to dynamic effects and events, your character gets an upgrade with all your complete activities. You can find loot-filled dungeons worldwide. Its combat also got inspiration in action role-playing games, such as The Legend of Zelda et Darksoul series, building systems between creative freedom and simplicity achieved a good balance.

Why Use a Dedicated Valheim Server hosting?

To explore Valheim’s online realm, you’ll need a client who can play and host. The server configuration can create significant difficulties, including slowness, crashes, sluggish loading times, and lost games.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to play with a large group and failing. You can overcome this by using a dedicated server as a hosting alternative. A solid gameplay experience will allow you to exploit the game’s possibilities fully.

Dedicated servers provide more storage, processing, and memory than shared hosting alternatives. Valheim will always function smoothly on a reputable, dedicated gaming server.

It’s better to use a dedicated server than have a teammate host the game. Independently hosting a game requires tremendous bandwidth, memory, and computing power.

When using dedicated servers, it provides a consistent connection. You’ll need to designate one team member as admin, who can:

  1. Setup the server
  2. Limit the number of players.
  3. Adapt the game rules

Dedicated servers seldom face problems, crashes, or delays. You’ll get greater security, better speed, and more stable infrastructure. Choosing the best Valheim server hosting company might be tricky; this is why we listed the trusted ones below.

Apex Minecraft Hosting

You may have heard of the Apex Minecraft Hosting; it offers a near-instant and an easy setup for 24/7. They recently started hosting the Valheim server. Apex hosting is the most popular Minecraft host with many happy customers.

Apex Minecraft hosting pricing makes it unique compared to other hosting servers. They do not base their prices per slot; they base it on the server you choose to buy. You also get to host a high-quality and modded server due to its ability to mod and support the Valheim Plus.

Apex Hosting offers up to 10GB, of which only 2-3GB is enough for Valheim. It also has automated cloud backups that automatically backup your saves whenever your PC crash. It offers several features, including DDoS protection, one-click modpacks, 24/7 support, and a powerful custom panel.


HostHavoc offers the most satisfactory Valheim experience by promoting its stable, easy-to-operate server. What is impressive about HostHavoc is how economical it is yet reliable.

It is possible to shield yourself against DDoS attacks with HostHavoc when using the server. The host works on a TCAdmin v2, which has proved to be robust and reliable.

The game template utilized is custom-tailored to ensure excellent functionality. The extensive HostHavoc network stretches over 10 locations globally, leveraging reliable facilities and networks with full redundancy.

HostHavoc will enable you to administer your server with FTP access. A file manager lets you maintain and set up your server.


Shockbyte is one of the largest server hosting in the world, and it has servers worldwide. It makes it possible to find hosting servers near you to create a stronger connection. Shockbyte offers low latency with 99.9 percent uptime; everyone using the service has a better connection.

With Shockbyte service, you get a ten-player slot with 4GB memory and unlimited storage space. It also offers a longer refund time of 72hours compared to other popular hostings with a 24hours refund time. Shockbyte other features include automatic modding, DDoS protection, and 4+ server locations worldwide.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming offers an instant setup with a fantastic control panel, making it easier to host your game server. Even when the configuration is simple, GTX still provides a 24/7 support service to help you attend to all difficulties.

It offers a 24hours money-back guarantee, DDoS protection, and 15+ server locations. GTX also embraces enterprise-level CPUs, which helps to backup, mod, wipe, server restart, with an opportunity to configure auto-updates.

GTX Gaming charges $15.35 for ten-player slots per month. It offers other features, including links, rocket plugins, MYSQL database, steam workshop, etc.

ScalaCube’s Valheim hosting service is a stress-free server to help you enjoy your game with your friends. They offer an instant setup and a free domain control panel.


ScalaCube offers low latency with 30GB SSD storage and a 99.98 percent uptime, making connections faster and better for everyone using the server. Its features include a 12GB ram, DDoS protection, 8×3.4 GHz CPU, and many more.

ScalaCube charges $19 per month on a ten-player slot. You can also test their Valheim hosting for free without using a credit card to understand its effectiveness.


The Valheim Survival game is expected to be one of this year’s most popular online games. With the significant improvement in server web hosting efficiency, choosing the best Valheim server host is essential. The technological aspects, such as SSD storage with NVMe and DDoS security, require thoughtful consideration. Consider looking at the server locations supplied by the hosting providers as well.

When it comes to Valheim servers, GTXGaming offers the most significant global locations. Do not forget to look at our list of best Valheim server hosting services to see which is perfect for your server and how it may benefit your group.

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