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What do you look for in the best song recognition app? Have you ever heard a song and wanted to know who sang it but was not sure how to find out? We have some of the best song recognition apps available today.

Many wonder what song is this for the rest of the day. They cannot seem to let it go. If you have been in this situation there is help. 10 mobile apps can help you recognize the name of any song and the artist.

Virtual Assistant Song Recognition App

1. Siri

Siri may be slow but it can help you find out the name of a song. It can recognize the music and give you this information. When you hear a song you can ask Siri what song is playing right now or tell Siri to name that song. Siris app recognizes the songs automatically. Siri will listen to the song and will be able to tell you the title.

You can even see the results in Apple music if you have this service. If not you will have an option to purchase this song or listen to a sample of it.

2. Google Now

If you have an Android device this assistant can help you. You can launch this by asking what song is this or name the song. Google Assistant will listen then give you the results.

This feature is still being developed in India and it works in many countries such as the United States but is great song recognition app

3. Cortana

This assistant is for Windows phone users. This assistant can answer questions such as what song is playing and it will tell you the name of the song. This can also be used on Windows-based Pcs and will help you find the song on the Windows device.

This app can work on the iOs but does not work on an Android device.

Music Recognition Apps to help find a song

4. Shazam

This is one of the most popular apps to help you find a song. It works on Android, Windows, and iOs systems. It can work with Siri too. You will be able to find out songs you have heard and even the lyrics so you can sing along.

best song recognition app store

If you do not want to use Siri or the other assistants’ Shazam is a great song recognition app to use. It will remember the song and can even work offline. This does not matter if you are connected to data or not.

This app is a fee but it does have ads and in-app purchase options.

5. SoundHound

This app is great for identifying a song. You can even hum the song and this app will be able to identify it. The app works very well. this is helpful even if you do not remember the lyrics, all you need is the tune. This can help you the majority of the time.

This app works fast and is a great option to use for song recognition.

This is available on the Android, Windows, or iOs system and is free within apps.

6. Musixmatch

This app can be used to help you identify the song. You can use this to play your music too. If you want to use this app to help you find the name of a song you will click on the hamburger icon and click identify lyrics. This will then help you find the song that is playing. This app is purchased by ACRCloud.

song recognition app

This is free for the Android, iOs, and the Windows operating systems with in-app ads and purchase options.

7. Music ID

This is another app that will help you identify a song. You will click the listen at the start and it will work great. You can launch the app it will listen to the song and tell you what is playing. The songs will be saved in the Profile part of the app which can be found on the home screen. This will bring up other songs that are similar to the one that you wanted and you will have a chance to purchase them on Amazon.

This app is free for Android and iOs users.

8. TrackID

This music identifier is powered by Song. It will help you find results in the song that is playing and will save the results in history. The app has some additional tabs.

The Discover tab will show you new songs. It will show you a new song in different categories.

The Live tab will show you songs that people are looking for from around the world. You can get the song on Youtube and share it.

9. Genius

This will help you identify the song and you can also see the lyrics. You will have the option to share the song with someone else.

This app has a floating button to help you identify a song. You can tap on this and go to the hamburger menu. This will help you find the song that is playing. The app is not able to save the song. If you want this feature you should go with another app.

This is free from Android and iOs with in-app ads.

Online Song Identifier


This is a detector website that will allow you to find a song by humming or whistling the tune into your laptop. This is good if you have a song that is stuck in your head but you do not know the same. You can go to the website and hum the tune. You will then be able to find the name of the song.

This website will also work if the song is playing so you do not have to hum it. It does take some time to work but is effective at identifying the song.

song identifier app

Use these methods to help you recognize the name of a song.

You can use these methods to help you find the name of the song that is playing. Even if you have the tune in your head you will be able to find the name of the song just by humming. You can also use the virtual assistants to help you find the name of the song. If you want to use online resources you can go to the websites such has Midomi which will be able to help you find the name of the song.

You will be able to get the song’s name by using these apps or these sites. If you know another way to name a song please share it in the comment section below.

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