Best Sober Apps

Best Sober Apps

Gone are the days of cigarette smoke-filled rooms and out-of-date literature in the early 2000s and prior in Alcoholics Anonymous. These days AA and sobriety have gone digital from Zoom-based meetings to a “how many days sober do I have” apps 21st-century sobriety from alcohol is here.

Tech Wagyu has taken a deep dive into today’s sobriety app landscape to find the most cutting-edge and useful sober apps to keep you on the straight and narrow. There is a large variety of apps that can help with all of the pain points of staying off the booze.

Features of the Best Sober Apps on the Market

  • Find Local Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Apps
  • “How many days do I have sober” Apps
  • Social Sobriety Support Groups
  • Sober Dating Apps
  • Daily Sobriety Reflections
  • Daily Sober Meditations
  • Daily Reaffirming your Sobriety Reminders

Sobriety “Meeting Guide” App

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting guides used to have to be found in leaflets in-person at meetings. More recently many local areas have created websites for those seeking AA meetings to find local meetings in their area.

In this modern-day where there is always an “app for that”. Meeting Guide holds the crown as the most popular Alcoholics Anonymous meeting finder app.

This app was developed not for profit by the actual organization Alcoholics Anonymous. This makes the Meeting Guide app one of the most useful truely free apps in the sobriety apps sphere.

Sobriety "Meeting Guide" App

The Meeting Guide app provides the following information to aid in your sober journey:

  • Local AA Meetings near you
  • Saved Favorite AA Meetings that you Regularly Attend
  • The AA Sober Quote of the Day
  • Alcoholics Anonymous World News

When selecting a meeting the Meeting Guide app makes getting to your desired meeting and staying sober as easy and clear as possible. The meeting information page includes:

  • Meeting Name / Date / Time
  • Type of Meeting
  • Meeting distance from your Current Location
  • Google & Apple Maps Link
  • Add to Calendar Function
  • Meeting Contact Information

I Am Sober App

The I Am Sober app provides the basic but powerful ability to track many details related to your personal sobriety. Many members of AA tell each other to take it “one day at a time”. While this is great advice being reminded and tracking milestones along with your full length of sober time is a great boost on those days where you find not picking up a drink difficult.

how many days do i have sober app

I Am Sober is one of the best sober apps out today and is packed full of great features and ways to keep your eyes on the prize and aid in staying sober from all types of addictions. The sober app boasts the following outstanding features:

  • Sobriety Milestone Tracker
  • Daily Sober In-App Pledge Tracker
  • Money Saved Calculator
  • Social Share Sobriety Milestones with Other Users
  • Daily Habits to Maintain Sobriety

In conclusion the I Am Sober app is essential for anyone looking to beat a bad habit or addiction in the new year.

Sober Time App

The Sober Time app also helps track how many days a user has been sober and alcohol-free. This app will help keep you on track with milestones along with the overall amount of time free and sober of various substances.

sober time app how much

The Sober Time app includes the following features to assist with your new life in sobriety:

  • Days Sober Tracker
  • Daily Motivation and Quotes
  • Monetary savings
  • Contact Numbers for Peers in Sobriety

If you need a clean and easy to read sober app to track the amount of time under your belt Sober Time is a great option. The app supports both Apple IOS and Android.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day Sober Companion App

The Twenty-Four Hours a Day app developed by the well-known sober organization Hazelden provides reading materials to help you stay conscious of your sobriety on a daily basis.

24 hours per day sober reading app

The App includes several daily readings to keep you connected to your sobriety each and every day including:

  • Meditation for the Day
  • Prayer for the Day
  • Sober Thought for the Day

This offers a great way to keep in touch with your higher power. As one user states the 24 hours per day app is spiritual and not religious. Anyone who is familiar with the AA program will know that spirituality is a key part of maintaining long-term sobriety.

AA Speakers – Best Sober Speaker Tapes App

The AA Speakers app is a great alternative to having to attend in-person Alcoholics Anonymous meetings by listening to speakers share the journey and struggles in sobriety. This great sober app boasts over 300 speakers talking at some of the largest sober conventions around the world.

The AA Speaker app includes the following sober literature and talks in audio format:

  • The “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The Joe and Charlie “Big Book” Study
  • 12 Steps and 12 Traditions
  • 300+ Speakers

If you are looking to listen to sober-related talks and literature at night, in the car, or anytime the AA Speaker Tapes app may be the perfect mobile app for you.

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Best Sober Apps Conclusion

Everyone has apps to help with the most important aspects of their lives. Having one of the best sober apps at your fingertips on your smartphone makes a big difference when it comes to maintaining sobriety. If you need to keep track of how long you have been sober or need to find the closest alcoholics anonymous meeting, any of the above apps can be a huge help.

SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357), provides private, free of charge, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

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