Best Rabbit Alternatives for 2020

rabbit alternatives 2020

With the recent need for social distancing, online streaming share platforms are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, Rabbit, a top choice for many users, has shut down because of a lack of funding. Rabbit allowed users to share live streams with their friends and family with just one click. It also offered voice, video, or chat interaction. Since its shutdown, people have been searching for alternatives to Rabbit. Many Rabbit Alternatives have cropped up, but most are lacking in comparison. Hence, to help you out in your search, listed here are some of the best Rabbit alternatives 2020. Each of these is just as good as Rabbit, and some even offer more features, greatly enhancing the quality of your virtual hangouts.

Kosmi Alternative

Kosmi allows you and your friends to virtually hang out together. Getting together on this site is easy; there is nothing to install and you do not even have to sign up. Share your screen or browser tab to show your friends what you are up to, or create private rooms for conversing over chat and webcam.

kosmi rabbit alternative

As with Rabbit, Kosmi lets you sync videos from a variety of streaming sites such as YouTube. You can also play Texas Holdem, NES or SNES Emulator, Quake 3, and other games with your friends. Grant instant room access with just an URL.

Kosmi Features

  • Virtual Rooms
  • Screen Share
  • Poker
  • Virtual Cardtable


This is one of the better Rabbit alternatives because it allows you to quickly set up a chat room for your family and friends. Create a playlist and watch synced videos from YouTube. ShareTube is equipped with one of the easiest interfaces for setting up and joining chat rooms. No account is needed. This service also provides a group chat option. Unfortunately, it does not offer as many features as Rabbit does, and it only works with YouTube. You must enter the YouTube video URL to begin syncing. This service provides a straight forward and sensible video sharing experience.

ShareTube Features

  • No sign up required
  • Easy to use


When you are searching for good alternatives, you cannot overlook Watch2gether. This service allows you to watch videos and content with your friends and family in sync. It is not necessary to sign up to set up a chat room. Once your chat room is created, you may invite people to join. Keep in mind though, Facebook, Amazon, Dailymotion, YouTube, and Vimeo are the only video streaming platforms that are supported.

best rabbit alternative

Additionally, you have the option of listening to music on Soundcloud or watching live streams from Twitch. On the downside, you cannot sign into third-party accounts, so no Netflix or Hulu. Regardless, you will have access to a large assortment of free videos on supported platforms. That said, there are no screen share sites offered.

Watch2gether Features

  • Chat with friend in integrated room
  • Webcam support
  • Shop from Amazon

Caracal Club Rabbit Alternative

This is one of the few alternatives that allow you to stream a virtual web browser. Caracal Club works with all sites and there is no need for screen sharing. This service allows you to set up private or public rooms and the host can hand-off the remote to anyone he wants. This platform includes a text chat but does not offer video or voice chat at this time. Otherwise, it works very similar to Rabbit. Since this service operates with an actual video web browser, which it encodes and runs video from, the number of free chat rooms is limited. However, for a $5 monthly subscription, users can create rooms any time they wish.

Caracal Club Features

  • Use for free
  • Perks for paid subscribers


This is the ultimate alternative to Rabbit. Users can set up a room and guests can each have a turn at using the virtual browser to explore the web together. Invited provides top-notch audio and video for your movie watching pleasure. You can visit any site you wish on Invited. From Crunchyroll to Hulu to Vimeo, they all work. Invited features rooms that hold up to 50 people, free virtual machines in private rooms, and integrated control sharing and chat. You can use Invited free of charge or opt for a paid subscription of either $5 per month or $50 per year. Paid subscriptions grant you the power to jump to the head of the line for rooms during busy periods.

Invited Features

  • Large chat room capacity
  • Use for free


Due to proprietary technology, Metastream is able to provide an intensified streaming experience to a lot of people with little to no latency. Hence, live sync playback is excellent. In addition, it offers fast user management, video queuing, and on-screen chat. Most top streaming platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon are supported by Metastream. However, it does not have webcam or audio support, nor does it have the aptitude required for streaming download media. Metastream offers conveniences such as timestamp markers and real-time chat. Easily invite your friends simply by sending them your friend code.

Metastream Features

  • Timestamp markers for easy reference
  • Real-time chat


This is one of several web-based apps comparable to Rabbit. It lets you watch videos with your friends and family through a remote connection. You can use Synatop for free with other options, however, you must sign up for an account first. Once your account has been created, apps may be added to it. With Synatop, you can play games, team up on projects, watch movies, and listen to music. As a complete remote desktop, Synatop allows you to share any sort of content. Like Rabbit, it provides streaming services. Since this is a web-based platform, you do not need to download anything. That said, it only allows you to watch movies that are available on the site.

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Synatop Features

  • Play games
  • Open and manage files
  • Text and video chat


Tutturu is an excellent substitution for Rabbit. This service allows you to invite guests to your room and each can have a turn at controlling the shared browser. Feel free to visit any website that you wish. Visit Reddit, or your favorite streaming site, or any other site you can think of. Tutturu has many of the same features as Rabbit including, private rooms with free virtual browsers, audio and text chat, and remote passing for interactive browsing with your friends. You can join Tutturu for free, although free subscribers might need to wait for rooms during busy hours. Paid subscriptions are available for $5 per month. There are never any wait times for paid subscribers.

Tutturu Features

  • Interactive browsing with friends
  • Text and audio chat
  • Private rooms


As Rabbit alternatives go, this is a pretty good one. TogetherTube supports many streaming sites including YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. With these platforms, you can watch videos and listen to music in real-time. This service allows you to set up public or private chat rooms.

together tube alternative

Videos may be added to the playlist from supported platforms by all users. Users then vote for the videos they like best. The video with the most votes is played next. TogetherTube has several other features that make it special. It lets you configure your chat room settings, restrict users from voting on videos, and change the name of your chat room to name just a few.

TogetherTube Features

  • Video voting
  • Synchronized player
  • Configurable room settings

There is one thing that has been through substantial changes in the past few years. That thing is entertainment, and more to the point, the way we obtain it. In many households, cable television is a thing of the past, replaced by video streaming. Video streaming apps and services are abundant and anyone with a laptop, smartphone, or even a desktop computer can enjoy it. One important factor that we can attribute to this is the saturation of faster internet services.

While streaming services are delightful, people are not satisfied to keep these pleasures to themselves. They want to share them and be able to watch movies with friends and family who live far away. That is why stream share services such as Rabbit alternatives are so popular. Hopefully, this list of Rabbit alternatives 2020 will help you find a sharing service that you will love.

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