Best Putlocker Alternatives 2021 You Need to Know


We live in a fast world and don’t want to wait for movies in theatres or until series are released in respective countries for us to watch them. Before Putlocker, people used to pay for streaming services to access films through the web. You can still pay for a streaming service even today, but who doesn’t want to save a buck? Putlocker is one of the many free streaming services available today. Even if you do no have Putlocker we got the best Putlocker alternatives 2021 for you!

What is Putlocker?

Best Putlocker Alternatives 2021 You Need to Know

Putlocker is a free online streaming service with many films to choose from. The service began as early as 2011 in the UK and had about 250000 visitors a day. This was right after another streaming service, Megaupload, was shut down. The visitors continued increasing until, by the end of 2012, the site would get over a million visitors a day.

The original Putlocker website was shut down in the UK, but we still see mirror sites on the Internet today. It’s impossible to know whether the original owners of Putlockers host these sites. I am sure you are wondering why the site was shut down even though it was offering such a good service. Putlocker used to post films that their producers didn’t legally obtain, and since most of these films are copyrighted, that’s copyright infringement, a crime punishable by most governments.

Are Streaming Services like Putlocker Safe?

There are two kinds of streaming services; proprietary streaming services and free versions. Because most proprietary streaming services have the licenses and permission to air the content they provide, they go through due process to ensure their viewers are safe from viruses. Some other streaming services also offer free-to-view services but have paid ads to fund them.

The free services are what you should worry about, but not because of the films you watch, but because they are either ridden with malware or have pop-ups that lead you to more questionable sites or trick you into downloading virus-infected files.

How Do You Know Whether A Streaming Service Is Unsafe?

There are many streaming services today, and they mostly look the same, so it can be hard to distinguish between the legit ones and the free sites. You have Putlocker and some of the best Putlocker Alternatives 2021, so ensure their safety before usage. There are several pointers to look out for to know how to protect your device better.

1.  Can you download a Film on the site?

This is usually the first red flag because why would a service that makes a living out of having you watch a film using their service suddenly let you download a movie? You can either watch the film on their site or download it to watch it later for free services. Downloading a film can be advantageous because streaming uses more network bandwidth.

2.  Your Site Advice’s You to Use a VPN

If the site you are getting your films from advises you that it’s time to look for ways of protecting yourself, this is probably a free site. What VPNs do is make you anonymous by hiding your IP address such that your activity on the site can’t be retraced to you. Hackers find it hard to attack VPNs because of that reason. Beware that there are inefficient VPNs out there.

3.  Numerous Banners and Pop-up Ads

Have you ever visited a site that has pop-ups all the time? You close one; Another comes up until you’re fed up? Or does opening one web page automatically redirect you to another? These pop-ups and redirects can be adverts or direct you to malicious sites, which makes you susceptible to malware.

4.  Copyright Infringement Warnings

Does your favorite streaming service give you literal warnings on the dangers of copyright infringement as soon as your visit the site? This is a sure-fire way of figuring out which side of the safe spectrum you are in. If the films you are watching are available legally, what is the need for copyright infringement banners?

5. You can Only Access the Streaming Service on a Webpage.

Today, most services can either be access on a PC, via a web page and using an app on your mobile devices. A service can’t be held on an app store unless legal. Any illegality causes apps to be taken down. This isn’t so important, but it’s something to add to the other red flags.

Proprietary Putlocker Alternatives

We have got proprietary best Putlocker alternatives 2021 for your convenience. Lets’ explore the best!

1.  YouTube Tv

Most of us know YouTube. Did you know there is YouTube TV? Their functionalities are night and day. YouTube mainly displays user-produced videos, such as humor videos and eating shows, but YouTube TV shows more movies and television streaming. The networks the service hosts pay a fee to have their content displayed.

Proprietary Putlocker Alternatives

2.  Netflix

Netflix has become a household name today. The site is about 20 years old and has close to 200 million subscribers. The pandemic even added more subscribers to the streaming service. You can watch this service using any of your mobile devices, which makes it quite convenient. You can even save where you left off while watching and start over from there when you log in next. If you want to stream legally, this is the service.

Netflix has one of the most extensive libraries for films, including movies, series, and documentaries, and its prices are affordable.

Best Putlocker Alternatives 2021 You Need to Know

3. Prime Video

Amazon owns Prime Video. This service is among the most common household names in the world today. The streaming service has an online portal you can log in to once you choose a subscription and use a web browser to watch your favorite shows. The service also has a wide range of films to choose from.

Proprietary Alternatives

If you have Amazon Prime, then you have a Prime Video subscription. You can either stream with this site or rent a film through your subscription. Prime Video offers you a 30-day free trial and then you can start your paid subscription.

4. Hulu and Disney+

Hulu and Disney+ are hosted by Walt Disney Company and is also popular, especially in the US. Other than the films it hosts, it also posts some original films it creates. You can get the Live TV package Hulu offers, but that will cost you extra on top of your regular subscription fee. Hulu is also available in Japan. Hulu provides an ad-supported plan for those customers that don’t want to use pay per view service.

Proprietary Alternatives

Disney+ displays films from different production companies, including its own original company, Marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars, among others. Disney + is also only available in the US and comes as part of a package that hosts Hulu and ESPN+.


HBO has several running services, including HBO Go, HBO Max, and HBO. But, you need a subscription to use and is also native to the United States and can’t be accessed by people outside of the US and its territories. The difference between the three packages is the kind of content they offer.

Proprietary Alternatives

Just like the significant streaming videos, HBO also produces original content to display on their site. It seems like HBO is phasing out HBO Now and replacing it with HBO Max. Max’s selection of films is even more extensive than Now’s, and they have a dedicated app where you can access their content.

6. Vudu

Walmart owned Vudu for a while before Fandango purchased it. It isn’t a streaming service, though, and it’s more of an online movie store where you buy or rent a movie or TV series. With Vudu, you can even get classics from the ’70s for a price. Some of us may not have heard of Vudu because the site is native to the US and isn’t easy to access outside the country.

Proprietary Alternatives

Vudu produces new releases in their catalog each week, and you did get popular films and small unrecognized films for your entertainment. What’s more, is that they offer some free-to-watch content where you will have to contend with ads to watch your favorite movies.

Free and Best Putlocker Alternatives 2021

Here are some free and the best Putlocker alternatives 2021 you can make your time interesting with!

1. 123 Movies

This is the most popular free streaming service today. The site has a massive collection of all types of movies and series as long as you know its name. You don’t need to create an account or subscribe to the service to watch, all you need is a reliable internet connection, and you are good to go. The service’s site doesn’t have a complicated service, and the link is short and memorable. One hundred twenty-three movies sound like a site that specifies in movies, but you can get all sorts of films from it.

Best Putlocker Alternatives 2021 You Need to Know

The original 123Movies used to be hosted in Vietnam but was shut down in 2018. Every other adaption of the site has been a mirror of the same. We even have Series123, Turkish123, all doing the same job.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is free to watch. To maintain the site, the creators of Popcornflix incorporate Ads in the films, and you will have to stop once or twice to watch an ad. However, this is a small price to pay, considering they offer you free service. The site is well-made, with drop-down menus to make the site user-friendly. You can choose from their selection of films and not subscribe to the service.

Best Putlocker Alternative

3. Crackle

Sony came up with Crackle, and it’s also an ad-based streaming service. The service has been in the market for more than a decade now, and Sony hasn’t made it subscription-based. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment purchased Crackle in 2018.  You will have to watch many ads to get this service, but they aren’t usually too long that you miss out on the plot of the film you are watching. Crackle is also only available in the US.

Best Putlocker Alternatives 2021 You Need to Know

4. Los Movies

Los Movies includes everyone’s content. This is the most extensive library of international films out there. The best thing about this site is that you can get subtitles to foreign films so that you can enjoy them more. The original Los Movies was shut down in 2018 but either seems to have bounced back bigger and better, or someone else took ownership of the site’s name. The problem with this site is that they go overboard with the ads.

Proprietary Alternatives

5. GoMovies

GoMovies covers significant content around the globe and is a free service; You don’t need to subscribe to anything when you want to create the site. All you have to do is enter the address, search for a film, and you’re good to go. The site has planned its content in three ways. You can choose to watch the latest TV shows, series updates, and movies from the comfort of your home using its website. You don’t have to wait too long to watch a series that just came out; GoMovies has got you. The site portrays the epitome of piracy because they can sometimes release a film even before it has been removed.

Best Putlocker Alternatives 2021 You Need to Know

How do I keep My Device Protected from Malware?

Whether you are using Putlocker or one of the best Putlocker alternatives 2021; there is a need to protect your device from Malware;

Use a VPN

As stated earlier, VPNs offer a way to protect your device from malicious attacks by hiding your IP and internet searches. Using a VPN when watching these series ensures that you keep your anonymity while enjoying your films.

VPNs control the internet speed as you watch, ensuring that your viewing is seamless. The encryption of all browsing details is also quite refreshing.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software such as Kaspersky can block malicious programs from entering your machine because you have no idea where some of these sites are hosted and their creators. It’s better to prevent viruses than cure them.

Use Legal Sites to Stream

With legal sites, you won’t have to go through the long process of acquiring a VPN and keeping on looking behind your back for the law to catch up.


To conclude. Putlocker gave sites the courage to pirating films and distributing them to the online community. Because of the many legal ramifications of watching movies on these sites, it’s essential to always be on the right side of the law. We have inferred the best Putlocker alternatives 2021 for you.

You have a free choice between paid and unpaid streaming services; choose whichever is convenient for you.

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