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WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) that helps in the rapid development of websites. This CMS comes with several plugins that you can use to increase your website’s functionality, including the implementation of security. The safety of a website is paramount to the developers and the site owners. Sometimes you will need to use the best malware removal services for WordPress.

The ability to keep information confidential and deny any unauthorized access and collection of information is attainable in WordPress sites. Malware represents a constant threat to clients’ data and information and the overall perception towards your website.

The attacks on your websites occasioned by the malware may lead to your site being blacklisted or suspended. Your website can get malware through uploads to your site by hackers, plugins, downloads, phishing scams, and manipulation of source codes.
You can resolve this problem is through the use of malware removal WordPress plugin on your site. Malware occurs in various types which include:

• Trojan Horse – It disguises itself as a program or file that is harmless and gives outside access to your system.
• Ransomware – It helps hackers to hold your data at ransom as they demand payment for it.
• Virus – Can be used in stealing information on computers and networks
• Spyware – It is a malware that tracks your activities online and monitors online habits while collecting your financial data, login information, and keystrokes.
• Worm – They exploit the OS vulnerabilities while spreading over the network.

Therefore, the need for a delete malware WordPress plugin is necessary to keep your WordPress software safe and secure. There are several options, including the use of malware removal WordPress plugin. Let’s take a look at some of the best malware removal WordPress services that you can take advantage of based on their features.

Sucuri Malware Removal Service

Sucuri malware removal service comes with a malware scanner that is external help in frontend scanning. It also provides several features that ensure your website has protection against malware and other security threats.

For $16.66, you can get the website firewall feature, which comes as a premium feature. Sucuri is useful in scanning for modifications and listing any files that have any inconsistencies. It comes with tools that assist in resetting the user passwords and resetting any plugins that may have been installed, especially after hacking attacks. Some of the features of Sucuri include:

• Auditing of security activities
• Security notifications
• Scanning of dangerous malware remotely
• Security actions following a hacking attack allowing for resetting of security keys
• Monitoring of the system files integrity
• It provides a website firewall

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

The Quttera web malware scanner is effective in the removal of any worms and Trojans. It is capable of both detection and deletion of malware from the files in your system. If your site is on the blacklist on Google and other sites, this malware remover can check it for you.

Quttera allows you to detect any shell injections in your files and delete any unknown malware. It comes with an internal and external scanner that helps in WordPress javascript malware removal and analysis of PHP files. Some of the features of this malware remover include:

• Checking of blacklist status
• Presence of cloud technology
• Detection of infected files
• Detection of external links
• Quick scans through a single click
• Scan engine that uses artificial intelligence
• Provision of a detailed investigation report

iThemes Security

iThemes Security provides several means of protecting and securing your WordPress site. It provides you with the ability to schedule the security scans to a time of your convenience while providing email alerts when you encounter any errors or issues. iThemes can detect changes that may have occurred in a file and allows you to rectify or fix those changes.

Backup procedures are essential for your website to ensure the safe storage of information. iThemes security helps with the scheduling of backups regularly, allowing for significant restoration. Some of the features of iThemes security include:

• Monitoring of changes in the file system and the detection of bots
• Helps in the prevention of attacks such as brute force
• It scans and fixes any vulnerabilities
• Detection of hidden 404 errors
• It helps in disabling the editing of site files on the dashboard.

Clean Talk

This malware removal software is very effective, especially based on the fact that it is relatively new. It helps in malware detection and removal from the sites while embracing heuristic scanning. This feature helps in the flagging of any malware that may or may not be known.

Clean Talk uses an SQL injection scanner, which helps in the deleting of malware injecting scripts. It also comes in with a free firewall service. The scans’ ability to be automated is convenient as you can schedule and conduct scans on demand. Some of the critical features of this malware remover include the following:

• It applies a limit to the number of login attempts
• It comes with a traffic monitor that functions in real-time
• It provides you with a log-based on the security logs
• Clean Talk offers a report on security status to your mail
• It protects you from brute force attacks
• It provides an automated scan for the malware
• It comes with a web application firewall
• The in-built scanners come with antivirus functionality

Wordfence Malware Removal Service

This malware removal has a wide user base estimated at over 2 million based on the number of installations. It is effective in the prevention of site attacks and ensures that your site’s security is maintained.

You can try Wordfence malware removal service before purchasing it since the company offers a free version though you can purchase the premium version from $99 every year. Some of the notable features of Wordfence malware removal service include:

• Verification of the source code
• Restoration of original files in case of variations.
• It provides a WordPress firewall to block traffic that is malicious
• Offers a WordPress security scanner to check plugins, core files and code injections including WordPress Javascript malware removal.
• It offers WordPress security tools to monitor live traffic, email notifications, and login attempt limitation.

Malcare Security Plugin

Malcare Security plugin is an effective and easy to use malware removal WordPress service, enabling beginners to use it effectively. With a completely automated malware removal process, it provides a comprehensive removal service by cleaning up the files and checking your databases for signs of attack, intrusion, or infections.

The malware removal service also entails using a change tracker, which helps remove any malware that may be unknown. It also provides a mechanism to block any software and items deemed malicious by putting a plug on any loopholes that may provide a vulnerability. Some of its features include:

• Secure WordPress backups that are built-in
• Automated clean-ups
• Light usage on the server
• Early detection of malware.

Cerber Security & Anti-Spam

Cerber Security and Anti-spam malware removal software help eliminate any Trojans and codes that may be malicious on your website. The advantage of this malware remover is that you can schedule daily and hourly scans for the files, plugins, and the themes on your website.

Cerber is useful in the automatic removal of any Trojans found in the course of the scans. It aids in file recovery while at the same time monitoring the website for any files that may be new or modified.

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The malware scanner offers monitoring, security, and protection mechanisms on your WordPress website. Some of the features of this malware remover include the following:

• It protects the login page for automatic redirection
• It helps in monitoring changes to files
• Provides a limit to the number of login attempts allowed to enhance security
• Blacklisting and whitelisting of IP
• It protects the contact and posts comment forms from spam
• It sends security reports to your mail every week.
• It protects against any denial of service attacks
• Provision of authenticity checks for WordPress, the plugins and themes
• It disables RDF, RSS and Atom feeds
• It disables pingbacks and trackbacks

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Anti-malware security and brute-force firewall provide one of the best solutions in terms of WordPress scanning. Some of its notable features include the following:

• Automatic removal of security threats, scripts, and codes during the complete scan
• It has a firewall that helps in blocking malware and preventing any exploitation.
• It provides updates to cater for the latest threats that may attack your website.


This delete malware WordPress plugin, Secupress, is one of the best malware removal services with excellent security solutions. It provides you with an audit report after the website scan, which is important to understand your site’s state and improve on the security.

The developers of this malware removal software provide you with a free version and a premium subscription, which comes with enhanced auto-fix features. This feature helps repair corrupted files and the automatic removal of any that it cannot effectively repair. Some of the features in this malware removal software include the following:

• Detection of themes and plugins that are vulnerable
• Blocking of bad bots
• Built-in firewall protection
• Blacklisting of IPs
• It offers protection of your security keys
• It comes with a malware scanner
• It provides security reports and alerts provided in PDF format

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