Best Evernote Alternatives 2019

best evernote alternatives

If you’re the type that forgets things easily then you don’t need to be told how helpful note-taking throughout the day can be. This is especially true if you’re a busy professional. When you are multi-tasking the taking notes becomes more of a ‘must-do’ activity rather than just a suggestion. Most people who have already acknowledged their need for note-taking are familiar with Evernote (the most popular note-taking and archiving tool available today). Tech Wagyu has you covered.

With Evernote you get a broad range of helpful features to help you manage your daily tasks. You can create efficient notes that you can sync to various other platforms or devices so you aren’t tied down by geographical locations. Sometimes you will want to try some of the best Evernote alternatives in 2019.

Evernote does not limit your notes to just text but allows you to enrich your notes using media like web articles, photographs, hand-written notes, and much more. However, Evernote had by no means cornered the market on being the sole note-taking service that people can rely on. There are times when people may desire an alternative to Evernote, like when –

  1. They want to mange their notes in their Linux-powered PC. To date, Evernote isn’t available for Linux.
  2. They want a very simple and lightweight solution. (Evernote is loaded down with features).
  3. They find Evernote inadequate. (Believe it or not, sometimes Evernote just isn’t adequate for your requirements).

Evernote Alternative

In this article we’ll look at a top-10 list of Evernote alternatives in 2019 and discuss how and why they are different as well as how they can significantly enhance your busy lifestyle.

(1). Simplenote


Compared to Evernote, Simplenote’s user interface is much easier to deal with. Anyone can get used to it in just a matter of a few seconds. One thing worth noting, however, is that Simplenote only supports text-based notes. It carries features like –


(a). Note Sharing

(b). Synchronization of Your Notes to Other Devices Across a Large Variety of Platforms

(c). Synchronization via 3rd-Party Software (Notational Velocity, nValt, etc.)

(d). Backup Capability for Your Notes

and a whole lot more. It comes from Automattic, which is the same firm from where we get


It is absolutely FREE.

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • Macintosh
  • IOS
  • Kindle

and more. We chose Simplenote over Evernote due to the simpler user interface, even though it is not as feature-rich.

(2). DEVONthink



This one is more of a personal assistant. It can handle your notes, bookmarks, and documents. It has different plans you can choose from like DEVONthink Pro, DEVONthink Pro Office, DEVONthink To Go, and DEVONthink Personal. Some of its more notable features include its ability to perform functions like text, advanced search, images, AI-based processes, etc making it a great Evernote alternative. It offers you synchronization capabilities that will bring up all your notes and docs in your Macs, so long as you are able to choose your local network or Internet for performing the sync.


DEVONthink – This is a premium service.

DEVONthink Personal – $49.95

DEVONthink Pro – $79.95

There is more on the pricing on the official product page.

Supported Platforms:

The main DEVONthink tool is only available for Macintosh devices. However, DEVONthink To Go offers you compatibility with DEVONthink and enables you in a way to have an iPod, iPhone, iPad client. The main reason we preferred DEVONthink over Evernote is its professional features. The only issue is in the limited number of supported platforms.

(3). Google Keep



This program takes a minimal approach to its design. It’s very easy to become familiar with its grid-based arrangements. Some of its more notable features are list-based notes, color coded notes, and the ability to share your notes with others. It also has a ‘reminder’ feature. If you happen to have an Android Wear, you can read notes from Google Keep.


Totally Free

Supported Platforms:

Chrome (web-based interface, extension) and Android (via dedicated App).

While there are several good reasons for preferring Google Keep to Evernote, the main one is how easily it integrates with Google’s other services with a very simple interface.

(4). Microsoft OneNote


This program was formerly known as ‘Microsoft Office OneNote and is much the same as Evernote. It is an excellent program for those wanting to have their notes available across many devices. You can add a web clipping as a note, convert emails to notebooks, and add photos as well. Overall a great alternative to Evernote.



Totally Free

Supported Platforms:

Windows Phone




Amazon & Web


You could say that OneNote works just about anywhere. For those who use Microsoft services on a daily basis, it just makes good sense to use OneNote.

(5). Soho Notes


This program can store notes in the form of images, PDFs, text, forms, web clippings, videos, and voice recordings. You can use many resources to create notes. SOHO Notes keeps your notes accessible, whether it’s from you iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Another useful feature is its ability to give you a Calendar-based view of your notes, hyperlinks between notes, check box-based lists, and enhances search capability. You can also stay organized keeping all of your notes within its impressive label, tag, and folder system.



A Single-User Pack – $39.99

A Family-User Pack – $69.99

The synchronization app for the IOS devices must be bought separately.

Supported Platforms:

Mac and iOS

(6). Yojimbo



This alternative to Evernote is for Macintosh devices. It’s an app for keeping all your data that also accepts a broad range of resources like PDF files, images, web clippings, bookmarks, text, passwords, etc. It also offers WiFi Networking.


Individual – $30

Family – $60

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Travors

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